About Cobra Resources

Cobra Resources plc (“Cobra” or the “Company”) is an exploration, development and mining company whose securities are listed on the main market of London Stock Exchange.

The Company’s primary strategy is to focus on the development of advanced resource exploration projects with potential, through the application of disciplined and structured exploration and analysis, to progress towards a sustainable mining operation.

On 7 March 2019, the Company announced that it had signed an acquisition agreement to acquire 100% of the units in the Lady Alice Trust and the entire issued share capital of the Lady Alice Mines Pty Ltd (“LAM”), an Australian exploration company, as a trustee of the Lady Alice Trust (the “Proposed Acquisition”).

Investment strategy and rationale

With a positive global outlook for both base and precious metals, the directors of the Company (the “Directors”) believe that the current asset portfolio provides an excellent base from which the Company can potentially add significant value through the application of structured and disciplined exploration.
Through the development of the LAM portfolio, coupled with any opportunistic acquisitions, the Directors believe that the Company will offer exposure to the next forecasted “up cycle” which is likely to result from the recent systematic underinvestment in the mining sector.
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  • Where assets in strategic commodities are geologically prospective but undervalued;
  • Where technical knowledge and experience could be applied to add or unlock upside potential;
  • Where the assets may be synergistic to the current portfolio;
  • Where project diversification will add strategic growth opportunities within an appropriate time frame.

Board of directors & Key executives

Meet our board members and key executives
Board of Directors & Key Executives
Greg Hancock

Greg Hancock

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Rupert Verco

Rupert Verco

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