As part of our proactive approach to sustainability, Cobra Resources wants to go beyond meeting baseline regulatory requirements and develop an industry-leading approach to ESG as we expand our operations. Given our resource focus, we believe this approach is even more fundamental as our future production may be used in end products enabling the world’s carbon neutral transition.

Cobra Resources’ initial Sustainability Plan highlights the action we have taken to date and introduces the company’s approach and vision for ESG through its exploration activities. It also includes the key next steps we will take to implement and report on good ESG practice if, as aspired, our operations expand and progress from exploration to mine development phase.

We also pride ourselves on developing long standing relationships with our stakeholders. Through stakeholder engagement, community consultation and maintaining a transparent operating ethos, we aspire to discover and define valuable mineral resources that can economically benefit local stakeholders and communities.

Download our Sustainability Plan and other stakeholder information here: