Known as Deloraine, EL22/2022 covers a 213 km2 area in the vicinity of Deloraine and Westbury in Northern Tasmania. 

Tasmania has a proud history of mining industrial metals, and the tenement is complementary to Cobra’s ionic rare earth strategy as it is considered highly prospective for Ion Adsorption Clay (“IAC”) hosted rare earth mineralisation with amenability to ISR mining.


  • Ionic REE mineralisation has been confirmed by ABx Group (ASX: ABX) within alluvial channel sediments that are a weathering product of alkali basalts
  • Cobra’s tenement is situated adjacent to ABx’s Deep Leads / Rubble Mound REE project which contains a REE resource of 52 Mt at 817 ppm Total Rare Earth Oxides with MREO 26% of TREO
  • ABx’s Deep Leads / Rubble Mound REE project has excellent ionic metallurgy amenable to low-cost recovery in weak acid conditions (pH4), akin to Cobra’s Boland Project
  • Highly likely that ionic clay channel deposits extend onto Cobra’s tenement EL22/2022 with published 250K geology showing mapped Cenozoic sediments and Tertiary basalts
  • Good transport infrastructure, labour, energy, and water availability

Next Steps

  • Desktop review of published geology, previous exploration and drillhole data
  • Re-analysis of historical samples stored at Mineral Resources Tasmania’s (MRT) Mornington Core Library
  • Stakeholder engagement including establishment of landholder agreements
  • Define targets for initial AC drilling programme and obtain relevant regulatory approvals

Exploration Licence:


Licence Area:


Licence Area:

213 km2


Ionic Rare Earths